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Interfaith Committee Events

Throughout the year, the Interfaith committee is active in promoting Duty to God. It participates in the following annual events:

The Interfaith Committee hosts a booth at the GCC Scout-O-Rama held in November in the Phoenix area. Committee members explain the requirements of the various religious emblems to SOR participants.

10 Commandment Hike
The 10 Commandment Hike is offered each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The purpose of the hike is to expose Scouts, Scouters, and family members to the 10 Commandments and introduce them to faiths other than their own. The hike is approximately 5 miles in length and stops at houses of worship of several denominations. At each stop, the speaker explains what the assigned commandment means and tells something about their denomination. The hike typically starts around 8:00 and and goes until 4:00 pm with a an additional stop for lunch. The location rotates throughout the Phoenix area and in 2007 an additional hike will be available in the Payson area. Click here for 2007 Hike information and registration.

Pow Wow
The Committee provides faculty to assist Cub Scout leaders learn how to implement a religious emblems program in their Packs.

Scout Sunday
Each year, the committee hosts a recognition ceremony for youth and adults that have been recognized with their religious emblem or award. The location for this event is rotated around the Phoenix area and around the houses of worship of different faiths.

University of Scouting
The Committee provides faculty to assist Scouters learn how to implement a religious emblems program in their Scouting unit.

Monthly meetings
The committee meets monthly to plan and coordinate the above events and to act as a resource to the Scouting organizations to recruit new members.

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