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Welcome to the
Interfaith Religious Relationship Committee

The INTERFAITH RELIGIOUS RECOGNTION COMMITTEE is an official committee of the Relationships Division of the Grand Canyon Council, Inc., Boy Scouts of America. More simply referred to as the "INTERFAITH COMMITTEE", we are a team of volunteers from various Religious organizations that coordinates Duty to GOD activities with the assistance of a Staff Advisor employed by the Council.

As an extension to the committee started with the Grand Canyon Council, the committee now includes participation and assistance of the Cactus Pine Council, Girl Scouts USA and Greater Arizona Council, Camp Fire USA. Combined, we assist and administer the religious aspects of scouting to Cub, Boy, and Girl Scouts, Venturing crew members, and members of Camp Fire USA in central and northern Arizona.

The committee meets monthly to plan events to promote religious emblems of all faiths developed by national committees of individual faiths. The committee markets religious emblems at local events including Scout-O-Rama, Pow Wow, and University of Scouting. They also have an annual recognition ceremony on or around Boy Scout Sunday to recognize youth and adults that earned their religious emblems over the past year. Visit our Events page and calander for information and dates.

Visit our events page for meetings and other activities.

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